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Welcome to the home page of GERI, Inc., producer of Identure® - quality denture marking products. GERI's fine denture marking products are easily applied by your staff, with no need to send the individual dentures in for marking. Identure® allows for easy recognition of your client's dentures, avoiding mix-ups, as each can be individually marked. Please feel free to contact us at with questions and comments!

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The denture may be marked on either cheek or lingual side near heal of denture. First abrade area to be marked with special cleaning pad. Discard each pad after use.

Print desired markings with the special IDENTURE ®marking pencil.


Paint a uniform coating of the sealing liquid over the initials and abraded area. Allow 1-2 minutes to dry until non-tacky and apply a second coating.

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Pricing Guide

Item #




*each bottle of sealing liquid has ~70 uses.


Two or more


Identure® Denture Marking System




Identure® Denture Marking System w/ Extra Sealing Liquid




Identure® Sealing Liquid




Cleaning Pads - 60 pads



Identure® Marking Pencil - Mechanical



Identure® Marking Pencil (Silver)


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